Welcome to the Guild of Eternal Friendship on Antonius Bayle

Sanani - Guild Leader

One cool, damp evening, deep in the heart of the great forest of Greater Faydark, a small group of battle weary travelers were huddled around a camp fire, relating stories of their past successes.

The camaraderie between them had grown during those early adventures and they wanted to cement this bond in a more permanent way. They also wanted to encourage others of a like mind to join them.

It was on that day that the Guild of Eternal Friendship was born out of the desire to make such fellowships more enduring.

It is with this thought in mind that I welcome you to the website of the Guild of Eternal Friendship. If you are already a member, then I hope you find these pages of use in your travels. If you would like to become a member then I hope that the site encourages you to do so.

To all my fellow Guildies, I wish you all a fair wind and the sun on your backs. May Tunare bless you in your endeavors.


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